Raphael Nagel is a German-Spanish entrepreneur and humanitarian. He is the Founder of The Abrahamic Business Circle and Fundación Nagel. Recognized for his outstanding contributions to the business world, Nagel has been honored with numerous accolades, including the Forbes Magazine Inspiring Business Leaders 2021 and the Renowned Investment Gurus of 2020 awards. He has also been acknowledged for bridging cultures and fostering economic ties, receiving the “Bridging Cultures UAE & Africa” Business Excellence Award.

Acknowledged as a leading figure in various domains, Nagel’s influence extends beyond regional borders. He has been honored with the Emirates Business Influencer Award, acknowledging his significant impact on the business landscape in the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, his contributions to the realm of tech innovation have been celebrated at the Global Tech Innovation Summit and Awards.

As the Chairman of The Abrahamic Business Circle, Nagel’s dedication to economic diplomacy and business relations has garnered widespread recognition. His expertise as the Executive Chairman of Tactical Management, a sector-agnostic turnaround investor, focusing on carve-outs from large corporations, as well as small and medium-sized companies in special situations .. Alongside his role as the Managing Partner of Nagel & Partners, where he serves as Legal Counsel to a diverse clientele of private and public corporations, Nagel continues to leave a lasting impact on the international business community.

In addition to his remarkable achievements in the realms of investment and entrepreneurship, Raphael Nagel has also demonstrated a profound commitment to humanitarian causes, particularly in the field of youth and women’s education.

Through his philanthropic endeavors, he has actively contributed to initiatives that promote access to education and opportunities for youth and women, aiming to create a more equitable and inclusive world.

Dr. Raphael Nagel’s dedication to humanitarian work has not gone unnoticed. He has been honored with prestigious awards, including the Jerusalem Post Award for Economic Diplomacy, recognizing his outstanding efforts in fostering economic peace in the Middle East. His ongoing commitment to economic diplomacy and dedicated contributions have earned him the Certificate of Appreciation from I AM AFRICA and Belarus, as well as continuous support from the Diplomatic Mission of Angola.

His contributions as a distinguished philanthropist have been acknowledged with various awards, including the Distinguished Philanthropist Award in Senegal, Excellence in Philanthropy in South Sudan, and the Independence Day Friendship Award in the Philippines. Dr. Nagel’s influence and impact on the international stage have been recognized with accolades such as the Most Influential Personality Of The Year, Most Notable Patron in Tajikistan, Outstanding Business Leader, and Outstanding Contribution to Economic Diplomacy.

His unwavering dedication to promoting education excellence has been acknowledged through awards like the Recognition of Excellence in Education in Grenada, Social Impact Award in Seychelles, and Supporting Education Excellence in Uganda. Further, as an Honorary Special Envoy issued by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Through these recognitions, Dr. Raphael Nagel’s commitment to humanitarian causes shines, leaving a positive mark on the lives of many and contributing to building a more prosperous and inclusive world.